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Forward: web cvs access

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: Forward: web cvs access
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 14:35:05 +0200
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Alfred raises an issue that has been lingering for a while now.

We had www-hurd to store the hurd web pages in savannah, but that
feature is disfunctional for quite a while now, and the savannah
people where distracted by the need to implement security measures.

I guess we could pester them to revive it, however, we did ask them to
do that a couple of months ago, and nothing ever seemed to happen.  I
don't know what the chances are.  Right now, the web pages are only
accessible through the normal savannah interface, the cvs module for
them within the Hurd project.

The other options to fix this would be to either have more of us
committed to read and apply patches from web-hurd, or to give somebody
who is committed to do that access right to CVS.

Alfred has consistently done most leg-work for the web pages in the
last years.  I'd trust him to respect whatever rules we set for the
CVS access, in this case specifically that he should only access
web-hurd and ask back before doing larger changes.

Usually, I have done the commit of patches so far, but my recent
inactivity has stalled the web pages completely (even for the most
trivial fixes).

What's your opinion?


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Why hasn't my commit access to the web page repository been

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