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[Hyperbole-users] Hyperbole: See if you believe this!

From: Robert Weiner
Subject: [Hyperbole-users] Hyperbole: See if you believe this!
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2017 23:51:58 -0400

The breadth of git commands keeps us busy enough, I figured Hyperbole could help take away the complexity of some basic operations and let you refer to git elements in your documents.  So here is a very nice first pass at git and github references, and the new git-reference and github-reference implicit button types.  This is in the latest savannah and github pushes of Hyperbole: https://github.com/rswgnu/hyperbole or with our new syntax, gh#/rswgnu/hyperbole.

For local git references, Hyperbole automatically uses `locate' to build an index of git repository locations for later lookup by repository/project name.

The code is in the hib-social.el file, since git and Github are socially-related services too.

Still need to come up with a syntax for referring to different branches.

A bit about this is in the DEMO file but none of it is yet covered in the Hyperbole Manual since this isn't yet a release.

Action Key presses on all of the following work as described:

;;; Github (remote) reference links

;; Display user's Github home page

;; Display user's project

;; Display user project's commit diff

(setq hibtypes-github-default-user "rswgnu")
;; Display default user's project

;; Display default user commit diff

;; Display default user and default project commit diff
(setq hibtypes-github-default-project "hyperbole")

;; Invalid, use address@hidden

;;; Github (local) reference links

;; From any buffer, dired on the top directory of the local hyperbole
;; repository

;; From any buffer, display hyperbole local git commit diff
git#/hyperbole/55a1f0 or git#hyperbole/55a1f0

;; Based on current default-directory, display current repo's local
;; git commit diff; works when default-directory is inside a git
;; repository with commit hashtag 55a1f0

(setq hibtypes-git-default-project "hyperbole")
;; From any buffer once the above default is set,
;; display current repo's local git commit diff

-- The End --

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