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[Hyperbole-users] Github and git branch, tags, pulls and issue reference

From: Robert Weiner
Subject: [Hyperbole-users] Github and git branch, tags, pulls and issue reference links added to Hyperbole development repository
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2017 19:33:09 -0400

Here are the link reference formats that now work in Hyperbole and can be placed in
almost any text or code.

;;   Git (local) reference links
;;     git#branches                              List branches in current repo/project
;;     git#commits                               List commits in current project
;;     git#tags                                  List tags in current project
;;     git#/hyperbole                            From any buffer, dired on the top
;;                                               directory of the local hyperbole
;;                                               project
;;     git#/hyperbole/55a1f0 or                  From any buffer, display hyperbole
;;     git#hyperbole/55a1f0                      local git commit diff
;;     git#55a1f0                                Based on current default-directory,
;;                                               display current repo's local git
;;                                               commit diff; works when default-directory
;;                                               is inside a git project with commit
;;                                               hashtag 55a1f0
;;     (setq hibtypes-git-default-project "hyperbole")
;;     git#55a1f0                                From any buffer, once the above default
;;                                               is set, display current project's local
;;                                               git commit diff
;;     git#master                                Shows latest commit diff for branch
;;     git#hyperbole-6.0.2                       From any buffer, show the commit diff
;;                                               for tag `hyperbole-6.0.2'
;;     When you want to be more explicit, use:
;;       git#commit/55a1f0
;;       git#branch/master
;;       git#tag/hyperbole-6.0.2

;;   Github (remote) reference links
;;    address@hidden                                Display user's home page & projects
;;     github#rswgnu/hyperbole                   Display user's project
;;     gh#rswgnu/helm/global_mouse               Display user project's branch
;;     gh#rswgnu/hyperbole/55a1f0                Display user project's commit diff
;;     (setq hibtypes-github-default-user "rswgnu")
;;     github#/hyperbole                         Display default user's project
;;     Once you set the default user and project variables, you can leave
;;     them off any reference links:
;;       (setq hibtypes-github-default-user "emacs-helm")
;;       (setq hibtypes-github-default-project "helm")
;;     like so:
;;       gh#issues                               List emacs-helm/helm's open issues
;;       gh#1878                                 Display a specific project issue
;;       gh#pulls                                List project's open pull requests
;;       gh#pull/1871                            Display a specific project pull request
;;       gh#branches                             List project's branches
;;       gh#branch/global_mouse                  List files in a specific branch
;;       gh#global_mouse                         You can even leave off the `branch' keyword
;;       gh#tags                                 List project's tagged commits, typically releases
;;       gh#tag/v2.8.4 or gh#v2.8.4              List files in a specific tagged commit
;;       gh#commits                              List project's commits
;;       gh#898e55c                              Display default user and default
;;                                               project commit diff

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