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[Hyperbole-users] Fwd: Refresh the talk on spliting Hyperbole into many

From: Robert Weiner
Subject: [Hyperbole-users] Fwd: Refresh the talk on spliting Hyperbole into many packages (#6)
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2019 09:38:38 -0500

To encourage this discussion on this list.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Felipe Barros
Date: February 14, 2019 at 12:18:13 AM

Hello and, first of all, thank you for your work! It's amazing!

Maybe I'm just not the target for Hyperbole, or maybe it's just too much work and nobody getting paid to do it (completely understandable), but I would like to refresh the discussion around splitting Hyperbole into many packages.

I for once would love to use Koutlines and nothing else for some time. it's an amazing tool in its own right. Klinks are magical, and I would surely like to dedicate time to master its ways and incorporate its powers into my workflow. I know it would be great (the idea is brilliant), but I don't have the time right now so maybe this is something I would have to leave to a holiday or something. The other parts don't really interest me right now, but I'm sure they have the potential to.

I have tried Hyperbole many times already, and have a few kotl files hanging around, but every single time, a short time after I get amazed positively, I just to end up removing it because it changes oh so many things (it's very opinionated, which I don't think is bad per se, but adds a lot of pressure). Its much more functionality than I can handle learning at once. And I can't focus on the whole thing at a time.

Maybe, if someone is beginning a new Emacs configuration from scratch and picks it up straight away, this wouldn't be the case. But realistically, how many are still entering Emacs this way? I can only conjecture, but as far as I see, most people at least start through a pre-built configuration that, if you install Hyperbole on top, will break in unexpected ways.

The way I see it, it is clear that this is a bundle of many packages with related but disparate functionalities, and that releasing those packages separately would, I believe, increase adoption of some tools that are being hindered by other, less understood ones. Maybe this would attract new contributors to the project, give it a fresh air, and allow some of it to be easily integrated into many Emacs workflows. Allow it the glory it deserves :)

It's not only me. Every single time I try to introduce someone to the niceties of Hyperbole, they also get overwhelmed and just run away or never even try it. Especially because they don't think they need it! We have a powerful outline tool, ways of managing contacts, ways of dealing with the frame (tiling window managers for example) and the windows. We even have excellent packages that gives us on the fly overview of key-bindings available under C-c, C-x, M-s, C-h, etc. The Emacs landscape has changed a lot. Why should one install a bundle on top of all they have (and that works) and be forced to deal with the way others idealized the whole Emacs experience? In this busy world, it's unfortunately harsh.

I know this is an old topic and I hope that I'm not offending you by bringing this up again, but since the package is now available here on Github, others may come looking for answers on the subject. My hope is to better understand the reasoning behind the bundle and, if possible, to constructively think of ways to lower the barrier of entry.

Again, thank you!

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