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[Hyperbole-users] GNU Hyperbole 7.0.3: link your world quickly and easil

From: Bob Weiner
Subject: [Hyperbole-users] GNU Hyperbole 7.0.3: link your world quickly and easily
Date: Wed, 29 May 2019 00:10:35 -0400

* Introduction

GNU Hyperbole 7.0.3 is released and ready for action.

Hyperbole is an amazing hypertextual information management system
that installs quickly and easily as an Emacs package.  It is part of
GNU Elpa, the Emacs Lisp Package Archive.

Hyperbole interlinks all your working information within Emacs for
fast access and editing, not just within special modes.  An hour
invested exploring Hyperbole's built-in interactive DEMO file will
save you hundreds of hours in your future work.

7.0.3 is a significant release with a number of interesting
improvements.  What's new in this release is described here:


Hyperbole is described here:


For use cases, see:


For what users think about Hyperbole, see:


Hyperbole can supplement and extend Org-mode's capabilities.  It adds
many features not found elsewhere in Emacs, including Org mode, see:


Hyperbole includes its own easy-to-use hypertextual buttons and links
that can be created without the need for any markup language.

Hyperbole has an interactive demo to introduce you to its features as
well as a detailed reference manual, as explained here:


* Quick Reasons to Try Hyperbole

It contains:

- the most flexible and easy-to-use hyperbuttons available, including
  implicit buttons automatically recognized by context, e.g. stack
  trace source line references.

- the only Emacs outliner with full legal item numbering,
  e.g., and automatic permanent hyperlink anchors for every

- the only free-form contact manager with full-text search for Emacs

- rapid and precise window, frame and buffer placement on screen

- an extensive menu of typed web searches, e.g. dictionary, wikipedia
  and stackoverflow, plus convenient, fast file and line finding

- immediate execution of a series of key presses just by typing them
  out.  For example, a M-RETURN press on: {C-x C-b C-s scratch RET
  C-a} will find the first buffer menu item that contains 'scratch';
  then leave point at the beginning of its line.  Build interactive
  tutorials with this.

* The Magic of Implicit Buttons and the Action Key

For near instant gratification, try Hyperbole's 'implicit button'
capabilities (hyper-buttons that Hyperbole gives you for free by
recognizing all types of references embedded within text such as
pathnames or error message lines).  Below are more complex examples to
show the power; simpler ones can be found within the Hyperbole DEMO

Implicit buttons are activated by pressing the Action Key, M-RETURN.
Once Hyperbole is loaded in your Emacs, pressing M-RETURN on any of
these examples *in virtually any buffer* will display the associated
referent in a chosen window or frame, handling all variable
substitution and full path resolution:

  "find-func.el"                            Find this file whether gzipped or 
                                              in the Emacs Lisp load-path

  "${hyperb:dir}/HY-NEWS"                   Resolve variable, show Hyperbole 

  "${PATH}/umask"                           Display a script somewhere in 
multi-dir PATH

  "${hyperb:dir}/DEMO#Hyperbole Menus"      Org mode outline, Markdown, and 
HTML # refs

  "(hyperbole)Menus"                        Texinfo and Info node links

  "c:/Users", "c:\Users", "/C/Users", "/c/Users", and "/mnt/c/Users"
                                            On Windows and Windows Subsystem 
for Linux,
                                            Hyperbole recognizes all of these 
as the
                                            same path and can translate between 
                                            and POSIX path formats in both 

Git Links:
  git#branches                              List branches in current 
  git#commits                               List and browse commits for current 
  git#tags                                  List tags in current project

  git#/hyperbole                            From any buffer, dired on the top
                                              directory of the local hyperbole

  git#/hyperbole/55a1f0 or                  From any buffer, display hyperbole
  git#hyperbole/55a1f0                      local git commit diff

Github Links:
  address@hidden                                 Display user's home page & 

  github#rswgnu/hyperbole                   Display user's project
  gh#rswgnu/helm/global_mouse               Display user project's branch
  gh#rswgnu/hyperbole/55a1f0                Display user project's commit diff

Gitlab Links:
  address@hidden                    Display user's home page
  gl#gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/activity          Summarize user's project activity
  gl#gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/analytics         Display user project's 
  gl#gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/boards            Display user project's kanban-type 
issue boards

  Once you set the default user and project variables, you can leave
  them off any reference links:

    (setq hibtypes-gitlab-default-user "gitlab-org")
    (setq hibtypes-gitlab-default-project "gitlab-ce")

    gl#issues or gl#list                    Display default project's issue list
    gl#labels                               Display default project's issue 
    gl#members                              Display default project's staff list
    gl#contributors                         Show contributor push frequency 
    gl#merge_requests or gl#pulls           Display default project's pull 
    gl#milestones                           Display default project's 
milestones status
    gl#pages                                Display default project's web pages
    gl#snippets                             Project snippets, diffs and text 
with discussion
    gl#groups                               List all available groups of 
    gl#projects                             List all available projects

    gl#milestone=38                         Show a specific project milestone
    gl#snippet/1689487                      Show a specific project snippet

Even useful social media links:
  tw#travel or twitter#travel               Display twitter hashtag matches
  fb#technology                             Display facebook hashtag matches

Hyperbole uses simple prefix characters with paths to make them executable:
  "!/bin/date"                              Execute as a non-windowed program 
within a shell
  "&/opt/X11/bin/xeyes"                     Execute as a windowed program;
  "-find-func.el"                           Load/execute this Emacs Lisp library

  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/ast.py", line 37, in parse
                                            Jump to error/stack trace source

  "/ftp:address@hidden:"             Tramp remote paths

* Try It - Installs or Uninstalls in a Minute

Hyperbole lets you concentrate more on your work.  Then as you grow
with it across time, it helps speed your work across weeks and months.
It installs in about a minute and can be uninstalled even faster if
ever need be.  Give it a try.

Hyperbole can boost your day-to-day productivity with Emacs and
your ability to manage information stored across many different
machines on the internet.

Hyperbole can be installed like any other package with the Emacs
package manager:

   {M-x list-packages RET C-s hyperbole RET i x y}

Then to invoke its menu:

   {C-h h} or {M-x hyperbole RET}

The best way to get a feel for many of its capabilities is to
invoke the interactive DEMO and explore sections of interest:

   {C-h h d d}


The Hyperbole Team

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