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Re: [Hyperbole-users] [bugs@gnu.support: Re: Need more usage examples (W

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: [Hyperbole-users] [bugs@gnu.support: Re: Need more usage examples (Was: Subscription within Hyperbole did not work, do I need to repeat sending bugs?)]
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2019 16:56:43 +0200
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* Robert Weiner <address@hidden> [2019-10-07 15:30]:
> Implicit buttons are not recognized until activated since they can
> take an infinite number of forms and the computational cost is too
> great.


That makes sense, yes. I think that some other systems are underlining
only those links which are shown on screen, but not the whole

> Explicit buttons could be underlined but we prefer color and the
> easily recognizable delimiters.  We will have a look at the visual
> representations of links in a popular web browser for comparison and
> consider this.

Alright, color is fine. I just don't see any color. Can that be due to
the theme? When I say "underline" I would rather correct me and say
highlighted somehow, or made distinctive.

> > At this point I have use for MANIFEST files, for large collection
> > of PDFs, HTML files and similar. Better said, underlining shall be
> > automatic and not left to users to set it up, just a thought.
> Once you know MANIFEST entries act as links, why is there any issue?

That is the issue, as that is something that I know, but people who
will be reading it they will not know. There is difference if file is
pointed to, or if attention is drawn to files, or without it. For me,
Hyperbole has use for teaching and quicker access to files and
documents. That access is not for me, I have my own access, files are
provided for people who do not have experience with computers.

To such people one has to say "Press Alt-Enter on each of the
highlighted file names to read them". Such or similar sentence would
need to be placed in such files like MANIFEST. I hope you get the

> >> Did you have trouble figuring out how to use the menus to create
> >> a button or to activate one with the Action Key?
> > 
> > Yes, I had serious troubles for multiple times, until I finally
> > figured it out. Not that I am beginner.
> Try to explain your issues other than the one above so everyone can
> understand.

Well, trouble came from terminology, there were too many new words to
understand "button" is some Emacs terminology, while myself I think
more in "hyperlinks" or links. It is just misunderstood words.

HyRolo --- all the words, it need me several times to understand what
is going on. Now Hyperbole is always turned on, even though I am not
using it always generally, finding, searching, jumping into functions,
some buttons and similar. I am understanding now all concepts.

> > I have my own contact management which is based on the SQL database,
> > so currently I have no use of HyRolo. That could be used just as
> > temporary solution. It has no structure for structured fields of
> > contacts, so it cannot be exported, exchanged easily, for me I have no
> > use with it. Further, my contact database has too many entries that I
> > think it would not be feasibly for simple text search.”
> So, you have your own solution for this and don’t need to worry
> about it.  We have logged your issues though.

You are so kind, it is pleasure to communicate.

> > In the meantime I have programmed global indexing system HyperScope,
> > and I am using it with many indexed entries, now it is over 15000
> > entries. It is like data tree based hyperlink index to anything, PDF
> > page numbers, or files, Internet pages, videos, everything
> > works and it uses PostgreSQL database. One PostgreSQL data type is
> > array, so I could use this data type to provide link to the file, and
> > to define the links inside that could involve certain words and link
> > those words automatically. That could be a feature similar like in
> > Hyperbole, just without the file in the directory, it would be stored
> > in the database related to the same file.
> Yes, we will likely add this capability.

That is something what I think of "global button". But myself at this
point, I do not demand it.


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