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Hyperbole 7.1.0 Test Release is now available in source form

From: Robert Weiner
Subject: Hyperbole 7.1.0 Test Release is now available in source form
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2020 23:14:16 -0500

Get it from savannah.gnu.org or github.com/rswgnu/hyperbole (downloadable as a release or from git source).

Here is what is new since the last announcement to this list.  We highly recommend you upgrade to test this version if you are able to work with a source distribution, as many issues have been resolved and many new features added.
A regular Emacs package manager installable release will be available when Hyperbole version 8 is published, likely in the next month.

     What's New in GNU Hyperbole

-- Bob

*                                   V7.1.0


    - In-buffer Labels: Fixed a number of in-buffer text handling issues with
      the creation of explicit buttons, maximizing reuse of existing text in

    - link-to-file Action Type: Extended to allow file path to include either
      :line-num:column-num or just :line-num at the end (translated to character
      location within the button).


    - Bookmark Mode: Added Hyperbole Manual section, "Smart Key - Bookmark Mode"
      that allows linking to Emacs Bookmarks.  See "(hyperbole)Smart Key -
      Bookmark Mode".


    - Activate Any Labeled Buffer Button: Hyperbole's top-level menu 'Act'
      command either activates any button at point or prompts for the choice of
      any labeled explicit or implicit button within the buffer to activate.
      The pulldown menu item, Activate-Button-in-Buffer, behaves the same.

    - Org-mode in Q&A Appendix: Rewrote this section to account for improved

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