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Re: [igraph] Memory management issue

From: Vincent Matossian
Subject: Re: [igraph] Memory management issue
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 16:04:23 -0500

Hi Gabor,

Thank you for all your help. I am attempting to access the working revision for igraph 0.3 as I am still running into memory limitations issues, and thought I should give it a shot with the latest.

I am getting the following upon running tla:

$ tla get address@hidden/igraph-- main--0.3
Failed to access file '.archive-version'
Could not determine archive format, guessing to be tla 1.0
* from archive cached: address@hidden/igraph--main--0.2--patch
Error calling `vu_lstat' for "./doc/book/html/nonlinpadeg.png" (No such file or
PANIC: I/O error

This is following the register-archive command of course, and is running off of tla 1.3.4 on cygwin.

I have noticed that the retrieved type_indexededgelist.c doesn't have the updated delete_vertices code and was wondering where things went wrong?



On 11/21/06, Gabor Csardi <address@hidden> wrote:
Oops, i forgot to send you the corrected algorithm, so here it is.
Some version of it will be in the next igraph release.


On Tue, Nov 21, 2006 at 12:36:37AM -0500, Gabor Csardi wrote:
> Ok, the memory problem is because igraph_delete_vertices allocates more
> memory for the new than neccesary. I've rewritten it, the version in the
> development tree is good. If you need it right away then you can try to
> switch igraph_delete_vertices() in file src/type_indexededgelist.c with the
> one attached. I'm not sure that it works as there were some changes in the
> development version since the last release.
> Gabor
> On Mon, Nov 20, 2006 at 09:53:38PM -0500, Gabor Csardi wrote:
> > Vincent,
> >
> > there is a problem with the algorithm, since it does not produce the correct
> > results, i've tried it for trees, see the attached file, if you run that it
> > is clear that something is wrong. Just draw the tree in the example and
> > you'll see. But it is possible to correct it, easily.
> >
> > Gabor
> >
> --
> Csardi Gabor <address@hidden>    MTA RMKI, ELTE TTK

Csardi Gabor <address@hidden>    MTA RMKI, ELTE TTK

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