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[igraph] postscript and label.family

From: Vincent Matossian
Subject: [igraph] postscript and label.family
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 17:50:36 -0400


I'm experiencing this error when saving a plot as postscript:

Error in text.default(x, y, labels = labels, col = label.color, family = label.family,  :
        family 'serif' not included in PostScript device

Even though names(postscriptFonts()) shows that "serif" is included first!

> names(postscriptFonts())
 [1] "serif"                "sans"                 "mono"                 "symbol"             
 [5] "AvantGarde"           "Bookman"              "Courier"              "Helvetica"          
 [9] "Helvetica-Narrow"     "NewCenturySchoolbook" "Palatino"             "Times"              
[13] "URWGothic"            "URWBookman"           "NimbusMon"            "NimbusSan"          
[17] "URWHelvetica"         "NimbusSanCond"        "CenturySch"           "URWPalladio"        
[21] "NimbusRom"            "URWTimes"             "ComputerModern"       "ComputerModernItalic"
[25] "Japan1"               "Japan1HeiMin"         "Japan1GothicBBB"      "Japan1Ryumin"       
[29] "Korea1"               "Korea1deb"            "CNS1"                 "GB1"               

I'm only having this problem using igraph but it might not be related to it, so I'm sorry if this is actually off topic.

But if anyone has had this problem or how I could fix it that would be great because this is preventing me from saving to .ps



PS (the other one): this is igraph 5.0 and R 2.5.0. same problem on windows and mac.

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