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Re: [igraph] Community detection on weighted network

From: Simone Caschili
Subject: Re: [igraph] Community detection on weighted network
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2007 10:30:32 +0100

Hi Tamas,

Even I'm a bit late answering you, I'd like to ask if you can include both functions on  python igraph version. This will be a big help for me.

Thank you very much!

2007/10/14, Tamas Nepusz <address@hidden>:
Hi Simone,

As far as I know, the spinglass clustering algorithm by Reichardt &
Bornholds can take edge weights into account. It is implemented by
igraph_community_spinglass in the C library (see:
http://cneurocvs.rmki.kfki.hu/igraph/doc/html/ch17s02.html) and by the
spinglass.community function in the R interface. The walktrap
community detection by Latapy & Pons is also capable of that, and it
is also included in igraph, see igraph_community_walktrap
(http://cneurocvs.rmki.kfki.hu/igraph/doc/html/ch17s04.html) and
walktrap.community in the R interface.
If you happen to use igraph with Python, then you won't find these
functions in the Python interface, since their implementations are
written in C++ and I tried to avoid including C++ code in the Python
interface so far. However, I can include them if you really need them
in the Python interface.

Best regards,

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