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Re: [igraph] error in example igraph_cliques.c

From: Gabor Csardi
Subject: Re: [igraph] error in example igraph_cliques.c
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2007 11:06:24 +0100
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oh, so you're using g++, that explains it. You need explicit 
convesion when assigning void pointers to non-void pointer variables.
Ie. instead of 


you need 


Although igraph should work fine with C++, we only occasionaly check
that, and i can't remember ever checking compiling the example 
programs with a c++ compiler. It might be worth to set up some 
testing for this... thanks,

On Sun, Dec 02, 2007 at 10:56:58AM +0100, Vincent Wolowski wrote:
> Hello Gabor,
> make all
> Building file: ../src/igraph-clique-proj.cpp
> Invoking: GCC C++ Compiler
> g++ -I/usr/local/include/igraph -O0 -g3 -Wall -c -fmessage-length=0
> -MMD -MP -MF"src/igraph-clique-proj.d" -MT"src/igraph-clique-proj.d"
> -o"src/igraph-clique-proj.o" "../src/igraph-clique-proj.cpp"
> ../src/igraph-clique-proj.cpp: In function 'int main()':
> ../src/igraph-clique-proj.cpp:48: warning: comparison between signed
> and unsigned integer expressions
> ../src/igraph-clique-proj.cpp:58: error: invalid conversion from
> 'void*' to 'igraph_vector_t*'
> make: *** [src/igraph-clique-proj.o] Error 1

Csardi Gabor <address@hidden>    MTA RMKI, ELTE TTK

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