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RE: [igraph] Help for subisomorphism problem

From: Zhigang Wu
Subject: RE: [igraph] Help for subisomorphism problem
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 17:02:43 +0800

Dear Gabor,

Thanks a lot for your quick response and your TODO list! :) I will try the
mentioned function.
However, I have thought about the problem before I have received your
message. My plan is as follow:

1. Delete the fixed nodes and all the adjacent edges in the two graphs;
2. Check if the reduced graph2 is a subgraph of the reduced graph1.
3. If step 2 is true, then check if the edges adjacent to the fixed nodes
also exist in graph1.

Do you think the 3 steps will work? Since I met some problems with the
igraph_vector_t and igraph_vs_t objects, I have not finished coding yet (it
always says that I have invoked wrong vertex ids when I try to delete the
vertex from a graph). Sorry about the naïve errors, since I am still a
newbie about IGRAPH.

Many thanks in advance.

Best Regards

Zhigang Wu

College of Electric Power
South China University of Technology

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