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Re: [igraph] namespace class with Rgraphviz for "degree"

From: Mark W Kimpel
Subject: Re: [igraph] namespace class with Rgraphviz for "degree"
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2008 17:22:18 -0500
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Thanks Gabor.

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Gabor Csardi wrote:
On Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 10:48:25AM -0500, Mark W Kimpel wrote:
For the first time I have had igraph and Rgraphviz loaded at the same time, and a previously trouble free function of mine that uses Rgraphviz has blown up. The problem seems to be that "degree" is used by both Rgraphviz and igraph. Can this be solved using namespaces?

'degree' is not in Rgraphviz but in package 'graph', Rgraphviz depends
on 'graph'. One solution is to load igraph first, graph (Rgraphviz) second, then 'degree' will be graphs'. Another one is to be explicit: write 'graph::degree' or 'igraph::degree'.

Also, I was unsure if I should cross-post this on R-help. The R-helpers don't like cross-listing to other R lists, but this does involve another R package. What should be the etiquette?

I think this is rather an R question than an igraph question.
R experts may come up with other, better solutions if you're not
satisfied with my proposals.

In general, noone likes crossposting, so i think it is best to go for one
list first and then if there is no good answer within some reasonable time, then go for a different one. But it has been a while
since i read the netiquette.


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