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[igraph] igraph_get_eid strange behaviour

From: Maria Grineva
Subject: [igraph] igraph_get_eid strange behaviour
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 18:41:10 +0300

Hi all,

I am using igraph C library and faced with the following problem.

I have a weighted graph and use edges attributes for it.

    // assign weight attributes to all edges in a graph
    igraph_cattribute_EAN_setv(&g, "weight", &weights);

then I extract a subgraph from my weigthed graph:

    igraph_subgraph(g, &community_graph, community_vs);

and then I need to extract weigths from the community_graph, and I try to do it the like  this:

    igraph_get_edgelist(&community_graph, &community_edges, 0);
    <iterate over community_edges>
    { ...
        igraph_get_eid(&community_graph, &eid, i, i+1, false);
        EAN(&community_graph, "weight", eid);
      ...   }  

BUT eid provided by the igraph_get_eid is always 0. (EAN also doesn't work consequently).

What am I doing wrong?


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