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Re: [igraph] Please check my procedure of community detection

From: Gabor Csardi
Subject: Re: [igraph] Please check my procedure of community detection
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 22:37:59 +0200
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[Sorry, i was offline for some time.]

On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 08:45:36AM +0100, Tamas Nepusz wrote:
> Looks OK to me - although I'm not really familiar with R.
> >I wonder if the edge weights set in step 2 will affect the 
> >community  results.
> Well, Gabor can tell us if the fastgreedy.community interface in 
> R  supports edge weights or not. I just peeked into the source 
> and it  looks like it doesn't (although the C core supports it, 
> so probably  the R interface has not been updated when edge 
> weights were introduced  in the C layer).

Hmmm, you're right, this is sad. I'll add it soon.

> Why don't you try 
> walktrap.community instead?  According to my own experience, it 
> usually produces better modularity  scores and it supports edge 
> weights in the R interface as well.

That's funny, for me usually fastgreedy.community() works 
better. :)

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> T.
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