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[igraph] igraph crash on windows xp 64 bit system/update

From: Gang Su
Subject: [igraph] igraph crash on windows xp 64 bit system/update
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 17:08:04 -0400
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After looking into the issue it seems that it's some bug with graph.edgelist function(i am not sure where is wrong).

if (is.character(el)) {
            names <- unique(as.character(t(el)))
            ids <- seq(names) - 1
            names(ids) <- names

#it fails right there, at the graph function
res <- graph(unname(ids[t(el)]), directed = directed)
            V(res)$name <- names

The bug is:
If I use graph.data.frame, it works fine.
If I use numeric ids for edgelist, it works fine.
If I use character ids for edgelist under 1500~2000 edges, it's fine.

If I load the entire dataset with graph.edgelist, it crashes, but it's working with graph.data.frame.

I don't know whether this is a R bug or igraph bug.


Hi dear developers,

I have just migrated my working environment to a 64 bit system.
One weird issue i encountered is i tried to initialize a graph with
around 5k edges.
However, R will crash if I load around 3k edges.
For example,
if I use graph(el[1:1000,]), it is fine
if I use graph(el[1:3000,]), R will crash

I am now using R 2.6.2 with igraph. I not sure whether this is a igraph
bug or R bug for the 64 bit system. If you have used igraph on windows
XP 64 bit system please help!
thank you very much!


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