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Re: [igraph] community_fastgreedy() requires integers as edge weights?

From: Tamas Nepusz
Subject: Re: [igraph] community_fastgreedy() requires integers as edge weights?
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2008 17:14:16 +0200

Hi Kurt,

i've grabbed the dev version and re-installed python interface using this:

$ tla get address@hidden/igraph--main--0.5 igraph_dev
$ python igraph_dev/interfaces/python setup.py install
Seems OK so far if you did the usual ./configure && make && sudo make install dance in the tree of the C core (otherwise the Python interface will still link to the old C core that was installed in /usr/ lib or /usr/local/lib or whatever).

Seems ok and then when I try using weights w/ fast_greedy i get a different error:
igraph.core.InternalError: Error at src/igraphmodule.c:1047: Internal error, Invalid value
There are three causes in the fast greedy community routine that generates an "Invalid value" error message: 1. The weight vector is too short (quite unlikely in your case, since it comes from the edge attributes)
2. All weights must be positive - have you checked that?
3. A loop edge was detected - simplify the graph before starting the community detection.

If none of these applies to your case, then please send me a small dataset that reproduces the problem.

Do i need to re-compile the development version of the C core? If so I'm a bit confused - where are the configure and make scripts?
There is a script called ./bootstrap.sh in the dev tree you checked out from our Arch repository which produces the configure script. You'll need automake and autoconf as well.


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