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[igraph] barabasi.game without multiple edges but with loops ?

From: Amelie Veron
Subject: [igraph] barabasi.game without multiple edges but with loops ?
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 13:54:35 +0200

Dear list,

Does anybody know if it is possible to generate a network with the
barabasi.game function that wouldn't have any multiple edges, but
would include self interactions ?

simplify(graph) is not an option as I would like to make sure there
are a given number of edges in the generated graphs.

here is the command I use (where len is the number of vertices and vec
a vector of how many edges to add for each new vertex).

net = barabasi.game(len,out.seq=vec,directed=FALSE,out.pref=TRUE)

Just in case somebody has a better idea overall, here is what I am trying to do:
 - I have a few very small networks (from 32 to 74 vertices)
 - I would like to  see whether they could be scale-free-like or
totally not scale-free.
 - For that, I want to generate random scale-free-like networks with
the same number of vertices and edges as the real-life networks and
compare the real networks with the generated ones.

So the generated networks have to be generated with a model that can,
for bigger networks, generate scale-free networks. They have to have a
given number of edges and a given number of vertices. Lastly, they
have to include self-interactions but no multiple edges.

Thanks a lot for your time !


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