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[igraph] connecting disparate graphs

From: Kurt J
Subject: [igraph] connecting disparate graphs
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 14:23:20 +0100

Hi igraphers,

So i have two graphs based on web-crawl data.  Turns out they have some common nodes.

igraph.Vertex(<igraph.Graph object at 0x25b0be0>,0,{'genres': ['Jazz', 'Nu-Jazz', 'Latin'], 'uid': '1000252010'})
igraph.Vertex(<igraph.Graph object at 0x68c0be0>,0,{'genres': ['Jazz', 'Nu-Jazz', 'Latin'], 'uid': '1000252010'})

for example.  i want to merge G1 and G2 into one big graph.  However, the web crawls are seperated by time, so the edges incident to G1.vs[0] /= G2.vs[49] necessarily.  So i figure i just want to include all connections for both graphs into one new node

Anyway, is there any igraph functions that might help????

-Kurt J

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