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[igraph] memory owerflow

From: Buzna Lubos
Subject: [igraph] memory owerflow
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 19:19:17 +0200

Dear igraph developers,


I am working with igraph library in python. Working with larger network

I have a  memory overflow problems.


The following code allows to simulate it. I am also sending you a small network.

I would be happy if you could look if I am doing something wrong  or if it is a python feature.



def test3():

    import igraph


    rep = 1000000

    i = 0

    g = igraph.Graph.Read_GML("./test/Hungary.gml")

    while (i < rep):

        g_copy = g.copy()

        # do some network operations (removed for simplicity reasons)

        del g_copy

        print "experiment: " + str(i)

        i = i + 1



Many thanks for your useful work.







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