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Re: [igraph] Compiled C Library for Windows.

From: Tamas Nepusz
Subject: Re: [igraph] Compiled C Library for Windows.
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 15:19:29 +0200


Hi. I have a several problems using igraph 0.4.4 on Windows, so i tryed to compile version 0.5. But there are errors while compiling... Can anybody share with me cygigraph-0.dll or other library version 0.5 for Windows?
As for me, I don't have a compile igraph DLL for Windows, but I know that it compiles without problems under Cygwin and/or MinGW using the GNU C compiler. (We do not support Microsoft compilers, though, mostly because we simply don't have regular access to Windows computers). Please try to install Cygwin and try to compile igraph from Cygwin. The basic steps are:

1. Download the igraph 0.5 C source code
2. Download Cygwin and install it. Select the following packages during installation (it might require more, though): gcc, libxml2, libiconv, make, automake, autoconf 3. Extract the igraph source in a separate directory inside your Cygwin home 4. Launch the Cygwin command line shell, change to the igraph source directory and enter the following commands:


5. If both commands succeeded, there will be a cygigraph-0.dll or something similar to that in the src/.libs subdirectory of the source tree -- although I don't know whether you will be able to use that later from Microsoft Visual Studio or not.

I'll be offline during the weekend, but should you need more help, keep on posting to the list and we'll try to figure it out.


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