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RE: [igraph] labelling vertices using python

From: venura.2.mendis
Subject: RE: [igraph] labelling vertices using python
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 14:47:49 +0100

Hi Tamas, thanks for looking at this. Ive attached the files its about
28k. Not sure if the mailing list supports attachments but if it doesn't
work, could you send me your email address for direct email?


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Sent: 15 July 2008 14:11
To: Help for igraph users
Subject: Re: [igraph] labelling vertices using python

> create with this label. This all seems to be ok and when I plot the
> graph without labels everything is fine (igraph.plot(g, "g.png",
> vertex_label=None). However with labels I get the following errors,
Very strange indeed. Can you please send me an example list from which  
you try to construct the graph? I would need a serialized (pickled)  
variant of your nodeList variable; you can save it in a file called  
pickled_nodelist.dat as follows:

import pickle
f = open("pickled_nodelist.dat", "w")
pickle.dump(nodeList, f)

Please send me the generated pickled_nodelist.dat and I'll try to dig  
deeper into this issue.


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