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[igraph] dot files coloring

From: Marco
Subject: [igraph] dot files coloring
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 18:23:03 +0200

Hey all,
sorry to disturb all of you again.

Let's suppose i have a graph, and for every node, i have an attribute
'state'. This is a number: eg v['state']=1.

I save, during the run of my program, the dot files of my graph, and
the state of each node is saved as well inside the dot file.

If i want to plot, inside igraph or neato in the shell, the graph, and
i want to promote my 'state' attribute to the color of the node (i am
doing some work on graph coloring), how can i do?

For example:
let's suppose i have 3 states, [0,1,2], and i want to map 0->green,
1->red, 2->blue and the plot the resulting graph with those colors,
what should i do?

Thanks again in advance,


รจ il gioco della vita,
la dobbiamo preparare
che non ci sfugga dalle dita
come la sabbia in riva al mare.

Lucio Dalla

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