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[igraph] Segmentation fault constructing graph when using igraph_attribu

From: Natalia Olano
Subject: [igraph] Segmentation fault constructing graph when using igraph_attribute_table_t
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 11:55:56 +0100

Hello igraph experts,

I just started using the igraph C library, and I have a very basic
problem that I have not been able to solve, some help would be very
The environment is FreeBSD 7.0 RELEASE in an amd64 architecture and
the library works fine when there are no calls to the attribute_table.
The need for the attribute table is to track the vertex ids whenever a
vertex deleted or added. Now, when I execute the lines:

igraph_t graph;
igraph_attribute_table_t table;
igraph_empty(&graph, 0, IGRAPH_UNDIRECTED);

I get a segmentation fault when creating the empty graph. Debugging, I
found out that the method igraph_i_set_attribute_table(&table) returns
NULL and that the variable table is not actually initialized.

Could you think of a way to solve this?
Thank you in advance
Natalia Olano

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