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[igraph] Neo4J and persisting Graphs

From: venura.2.mendis
Subject: [igraph] Neo4J and persisting Graphs
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 15:47:13 -0000

Hi Guys,

Ive just come across Neo4J (http://neo4j.org/) It appears to be a
database that stores Graph objects natively. Python bindings are at
https://projects.thobe.org/neo4j.py Has anybody used it before? 

It sounds like it will have to be used with JPype if I want to use it
with Igraph. One of the whitepapers on the site talks about it being
able to handle graphs with 100 million + nodes. So if I do manage to get
it to serialise igraph objects to and from it will be damn useful.


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