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[igraph] bug in igraph_shortest_paths_dijkstra?

From: Davide Setti
Subject: [igraph] bug in igraph_shortest_paths_dijkstra?
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 11:39:49 +0200

i'm trying to evaluate igraph over other network analysis tools.
The problem is that I'm not able to run igraph_shortest_paths_dijkstra
via the python interface on this dataset:


(Weighted DiGraph, 135201 nodes)

When i run:

giant.shortest_paths_dijkstra(0, weights='weight')

i get:

igraph.core.InternalError: Error at structural_properties.c:4391: ,
Invalid value

(that's in igraph_shortest_paths_dijkstra)

The same if i don't specify the weights:

InternalError: Error at structural_properties.c:763: , Invalid value

(that's in igraph_shortest_paths)

I'm running the shortest paths function on

giant = g.clusters().giant()

I'm using igraph from bzr because with igraph-0.5.2 the "giant" graph
is not strongly connected (maybe a problem with DiGraphs?), but the
shortest path function works (but on a ~31000 nodes network).
With the bzr version (0.6 branch) the giant graph has ~20000 nodes
(like networkx says), but the shortest path function doesn't work.

Can you help me?

Davide Setti
blog: http://blog.flatlandia.eu
home: http://www.flatlandia.eu

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