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[igraph] py2app issues

From: Bernie Hogan
Subject: [igraph] py2app issues
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 11:54:03 -0400

Hi everyone,

I'm building a GUI that uses iGraph. The py2app program is giving me
an "ImportError" statement, which as they suggest usually means that
there are import statements in the tree that begin __import rather
than import. Does anyone one either
a. how to search the iGraph trunk for this
b. whether this is the case
 - and if so, if there is an easy fix.

The package is great thus far. My only complaint is the fact that one
cannot key specific nodes to a specific attribute, but must use 1,2,3,
or G.vs[], which returns a list. I understand this approach scales
well (rather than creating each node as an object), but a primary key
would be just sweet in my world, and clean up a lot of code for me.
Oh, that and a native implmentation of the louvain method for
community detection (which looks something like fast greedy from what
I can tell) - http://works.bepress.com/lambiotte/4/

Take care and thanks so much thus far,

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