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[igraph] vertex ids and function igraph_vcount(const igraph_t *graph)

From: Christian Gonzalez
Subject: [igraph] vertex ids and function igraph_vcount(const igraph_t *graph)
Date: Fri, 07 Aug 2009 16:43:22 -0430
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Hello everybody
    if you have a graph with six edges like this:

igraph_t graph;
igraph_vector_t edges;


igraph_vector_init(&edges, 6);


VECTOR(edges)[0] = 1200000
VECTOR(edges)[1] = 1200001
VECTOR(edges)[2] = 846
VECTOR(edges)[3] = 30000000
VECTOR(edges)[4] = 1200001
VECTOR(edges)[5] = 846


igraph_create(&graph, &edges, 0, IGRAPH_DIRECTED)

How many memory is reserved for the vertex vector? --> 4 or 30000000 positions? because if you call function igraph_vcount(&graph), the return is 30000000 instead of 4.

Why this functions returns the maximum vertex id? instead of the number of vertex in the graph


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