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[igraph] Correlating nodes with high betweenness

From: anupam sinha
Subject: [igraph] Correlating nodes with high betweenness
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2009 21:59:32 +0530

Hi all,
          I have a network of the following format :

eco:b4069 eco:b4069
eco:b4069 eco:b1241
eco:b4069 eco:b0115
eco:b4069 eco:b3256
eco:b4069 eco:b0185
eco:b4069 eco:b2316

where each of the alphanumeric value is a node id. I calculate the betweenness of the nodes. My query though is how do I find pairs of nodes which are connected to each other and have betweenness values above a certain threshold ?
Thanks in advance.



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