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[igraph] Question about community detection

From: zhengjun chen
Subject: [igraph] Question about community detection
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2009 17:13:11 -0500


I have a question about community detection in Igraph."igraph_community_leading_eigenvector()" function is used to detect communities.
My question is what is the meaning of "steps" in this function. Does it mean the number of community split operation?
When I change this value from 10 to 100, more and more communities have been detected. So, the parameter "steps" should be set to what?
In addition, I have no idea about how many communities actually exist. So, what can I do to verify that the communities detected is good enough?
I am also a bit confused of the structure igraph_arpack_options_t. Now I just initialize it to default values. 


Graduate research assistant
Dept of Computer Science and Engineering
Lehigh University

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