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[igraph] comparing communities in networks

From: Stuart Kininmonth
Subject: [igraph] comparing communities in networks
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 14:39:25 +1000

Hi All,


I am trying to compare two networks by evaluating the community structure derived used the eigenvector method (although any method would be appropriate here). The two networks contain some vertices in common and I am seeking to see if the community structure is similar in both. The question I have for the list is does anyone know of a statistical method that would be appropriate to compare the similarity of the community membership?


More details for those interested: I have a set of weighted networks (V=321) derived from a hydrodynamic model of the Great Barrier Reef and another weighted network (V=22) derived from genetic similarity population measures (FST & DLR) for a coral species. I am attempting to see if the genetic population structure is reflected in the hydrodynamic structure and also then other models like random and  geometric models.  I can generate the communities etc in the R igraph package but need a method that can provide a measure of ‘fit’ . 


On a side note I encourage anyone using networks and Igraph in the field of metapopulation ecology to make contact.


Any suggestions warmly welcomed.




Stuart Kininmonth

Spatial Ecologist

Australian Institute of Marine Science


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