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[igraph] Query regarding modularity calculations

From: Vijaykumar Muley
Subject: [igraph] Query regarding modularity calculations
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 21:28:15 +0530

Dear all,

I tried to run modularity calculations for a graph which has 4000 nodes and 60,000 interactions. I performed these calculations using modularity function of the igraph packages the R code is as follow

x is a graph

b <- edge.betweenness.community( x )
comm <- community.to.membership( x, b$merges, steps=10)
modularity=modularity(x, comm$membership)

but I am getting negative values for modularity moreover it took around 5 days.
am I doing anything wrong ? can you suggests me where I am going wrong and the estimated time to perform these calculations ?
is there alternate ways to calculate modularity ?
Please, do help me to  overcome this problem.

Thanks and Regards

Vijaykumar Yogesh Muley

Senior  Research Fellow,
Dr. Akash Ranjan's Group,
Computational and Functional Genomics Laboratory (CFG),
Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD),
Bldg.7, Gruhakalpa
5-4-399/B, Nampally
Hyderabad- 500001

Ph.No: +91 9441189013
E-mail : address@hidden
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