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[igraph] Re: reading graph from files ??

From: alex
Subject: [igraph] Re: reading graph from files ??
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 18:57:26 +0100
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Tamas Nepusz a écrit :

Store the coordinates in a pair of vertex attributes (say, "x" and "y") and 
save the graph into GraphML format. When you load it back, you will have the same set of attributes 
attached to the vertices.

thx for reply. I don't understant what do you mean by "Store the coordinates in a pair of vertex attributes" (sorry i'm a newbie)
Here is what i want to do:

   FILE *gra;
   igraph_t graph;
   igraph_vector_t x,y;
   igraph_vector_init(&x, 1); igraph_vector_init(&y, 1);
igraph_grg_game(&graph,size,0.3, 0,&x,&y); igraph_write_graph_graphml(&graph, gra); igraph_vector_destroy(&x);

   igraph_t graph_test;
   igraph_vector_t x_test,y_test;
igraph_vector_init(&x_test, 1); igraph_vector_init(&y_test, 1); igraph_read_graph_graphml(&graph_test, gra, 0);
So how can reload the 2 vector x_test and y_test ??

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