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[igraph] Re: reading graph from files ??

From: alex
Subject: [igraph] Re: reading graph from files ??
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 21:26:22 +0100
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thanx a lot it works now.
I have just one question, i have read in the documentation that the function:

   igraph_read_graphml(igraph_t *graph, File *instream, int index)

where index is the index of the graph to be load if the GraphML contains more than one graph.

So my question can i write more than one graph in graphML format because i have checked the documentation and i haven't found how to do it.

Thx for help

Hi, yes i don't precise it, i include igraph in my C code. I have done as you 
said to me but when i want to read the file graphML it says me:
  Error at foreign-graphml.c:1024 :Extra content at the end of the document , 
Parse error Aborted

Have any idea ? is it because i have set an attribute before writing to file ?
You have to close the file with fclose() and open it again before calling 
igraph_read_graph_graphml -- otherwise it will start reading from the end of 

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