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Re: [igraph] general question about python igraph

From: simone gabbriellini
Subject: Re: [igraph] general question about python igraph
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 11:30:49 +0100


maybe this could also help:


you can pass python object to R functions (I did something similar passing a 
python igraph network to a sna package function that executes a QAP test).


Il giorno 29/gen/2010, alle ore 00.21, Tamas Nepusz ha scritto:

>> i'm on a mac too, i'll try. Do you know if all R functions are available for 
>> python as well?
> Not all of them, unfortunately. Basically there are two different kind of 
> functions in the R interface:
> - those that simply call an underlying function in the C library (this is I 
> guess 95% of the functionality)
> - those that are implemented in R and have no corresponding function in the C 
> library.
> The functions that are implemented in C are also present in the Python 
> interface (well, maybe with one or two rare exceptions that I forgot to 
> implement). So yes, 95% of the functionality of the R interface is also 
> present in Python. The remaining 5% includes functions like power.law.fit, 
> which uses R's advanced statistical routines to implement a power law fitting 
> procedure, and since such routines are not available in Python, this was 
> omitted from the Python interface. Also, the plotting capabilities are 
> different: the R interface uses R's plotting facilities, while the Python 
> interface uses the Cairo library to plot graphs. So, there are differences 
> between the two interfaces, but most of the functions should be available in 
> both interfaces.
> If you need something from the R interface that you can't find in the Python 
> interface, let me know and I'll see what can be done. For instance, if you 
> are looking for an equivalent for power.law.fit, you can try an experimental 
> Python module I'm working on that does exactly this (note that this requires 
> CMake and SWIG at the moment):
> https://launchpad.net/~ntamas/+junk/plfit
> -- 
> Tamas
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