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Re[2]: [igraph] [C] Drawing algorithms - coordinates question

From: Vladimir Petrov
Subject: Re[2]: [igraph] [C] Drawing algorithms - coordinates question
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 01:21:23 +0600

Hello, Gábor

> Btw. the LGL layout in igraph is not the best one, maybe the original
> LGL implementation is better. Another option for graphs is the DrL
> layout, that works quite well.

It seems i need help.
I work with MS VC 7.1, coding some MFC project.
All i need is a function which calculates vertexes position.

I've download the sources and built lib-file with MSVS compiler.


For R:
"layout.drl  {igraph}  -  DrL is a force-directed graph layout toolbox
focused  on  real-world  large-scale graphs, developed by Shawn Martin
and colleagues at Sandia National Laboratories."

What function should i call in case of C-lang?

I've check out graph.h file, it seems this is what i need. But i still
can't understand clearly how to use in with C-lang for calculating
vertex positions.

Could you make a hint for me? May be little sample?

Thank you.

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