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[igraph] changing an edge's target or source

From: Benjamin Fields
Subject: [igraph] changing an edge's target or source
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 19:34:31 +0000

Apologies if I'm missing something obvious or direct, but is there a simple way 
to change an edge's source or target?  I'm using the python bindings.  
Specifically, I'm trying to do this:

(for some graph g)
> edge = g.es[0]
> edge.source = 100

where 100 is a valid vertex index.  This of course causes an AttributeError as 
the source attribute is not writable.  The same also appears to be true for the 
target attribute.  Is there a means to change these attributes via some sort of 
access function?   I'm using igraph v0.6.   I'd really love to not have to 
remove and recreate these edges...
Thanks for your help.


Ben Fields
PhD Candidate
Dept. of Computing
Goldsmiths, University of London
e: address@hidden
p: +44 (0) 20 7078 5170
"Which is more musical: a truck passing by a factory or a truck passing by a 
music school?" --John Cage

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