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[igraph] Problem saving graphml file

From: Bernie Hogan
Subject: [igraph] Problem saving graphml file
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 23:48:33 +0000

Hi everyone,

I am having some trouble saving graphml files with many attributes
around 30 node attributes, many with unicode text. Is this a known
issue? When I take the graph export it to a pajek file and reimport it
(thereby stripping out everything except the edgelist) it works fine.

This file is only a few hundred nodes and a few thousand edges

I don't know if there are any hidden limits or problematic special
characters I should consider - if so, I assume I'll need to clean
those in the attributes file first.

Any help or past similar experiences is appreciated. If someone wants
to repro this, I can provide the graph object as a pickle, but I would
rather not post it publicly.

Take care,

Bernie Hogan
Research Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute
University of Oxford

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