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[igraph] Plotting an ancestral graph

From: Alexander Savi
Subject: [igraph] Plotting an ancestral graph
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2010 12:17:42 +0200


This is my first time using a mailing list, so please tell me if I misunderstand how it should be properly used.

My name is Alexander Savi and I am a student in Psychological Methods, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I am currently programming an R package which should be able to apply the Inductive Causation algorithm (Verma & Pearl, 1991, Equivalence and Sythesis of Causal Models) to time-series data.

I use iGraph in R for plotting the undirected adjacencies between variables (o --- o) and the colliders (--> o <--). It seems to me that in iGraph it is not possible to plot a graph with both directed and undirected edges (I think it is called an ancestral graph and I think Pearl calls it a rudimentary pattern). The drawGraph function in the ggm package has the possibility to plot ancestral graphs, but I would like to use iGraph because it comes with many functions absent in the drawGraph function of ggm.

My question in the end, comes down to whether it is possible in iGraph for R to plot an ancestral graph (with both directed and undirected edges)?

Thank you, kind regards,


Alexander Savi | address@hidden

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