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Re: [igraph] benchmarks?

From: Michael Stauffer \(v\)
Subject: Re: [igraph] benchmarks?
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 12:13:12 -0400

>> Does anyone have any rough benchmark numbers for iGraph running on a
>> sparse network of 100k nodes and 500k edges or lager? Ideally I'm
>> looking for a benchmark for eigen value centrality score, 
>but any basic
>> metric would do.
>I did a quick test using the Python interface (which has roughly the
>same overhead as the R interface, so the results should be the 
>same) and
>using PageRank instead of eigenvector centrality some time ago. I
>used a network of 2.13M vertices and 7.56M directed edges:
>>>> g=load("test_graph.lgl", directed=True)
>>>> print g
>Directed graph (|V| = 2137884, |E| = 7560862)
>>>> from time import time
>>>> t1=time(); ec=g.pagerank(); t2=time(); print t2-t1
>(The time above is in seconds).
>On a smaller graph with 64K vertices and 240K edges, the PageRank
>calculation (which is very similar to eigenvector centrality) takes
>about 0.5s.
>These results were achieved on a single core of an Intel Xeon X3360
>running at 2.83 GHz.

Tamas, thank you very much! This is really helpful.

What does ">>>> from time import time" mean above? Is that a Python
command to load the 'time' subroutine?


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