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[igraph] Determining exact coordinates for a drawn graph in Python

From: Alexander Tsiatas
Subject: [igraph] Determining exact coordinates for a drawn graph in Python
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 14:03:09 -0400


I am using the igraph package (with Python) for graph drawing, and I have a question about the treatment of coordinates when drawing graphs. I am drawing a graph with specified coordinates, created by calling igraph.Layout(coords). I can draw the graph fine, but it seems like the coordinates that are specified do not end up being exactly the coordinates used - they must be scaled or stretched somehow, even when I use bbox=layout.bounding_box() in igraph.plot(). I thought that this would use my exact coordinates, since I am using the bounding box from my coordinates, but it seems like they are being modified somehow, and I can't figure out how exactly they are changed.

I am looking for the exact coordinates because I am overlaying my graph drawing with a Voronoi diagram, and I am using the coordinates that I specified as input. Is there any way to programmatically transform my specified layout coordinates into the eventual point locations, so I can use the actual coordinates in my Voronoi diagram?

Thanks in advance.
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