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[igraph] Difference between "Clusters(...)" and "decompose.graph(..)"

From: shahab mokarizadeh
Subject: [igraph] Difference between "Clusters(...)" and "decompose.graph(..)"
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 15:17:05 +0200

I just wonder what is the difference between Clusters(...) and
"decompose.graph(..) methods in igraph?
I am confused by their shot definition in the manual, as they both try
to find connected components in the graph.
While "Clusters" calculate the maximal(weakly/strong) connected
components of a graph, you can also do the same using
"decompose.graph" which creates separate graph for each component of

So for a disconnected graph, I should get same number of components
with same size using both methods, which in fact not!


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