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Re: [igraph] Python : ImportError: No module named core

From: Tamas Nepusz
Subject: Re: [igraph] Python : ImportError: No module named core
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 07:32:05 +0100

Hi Matthew,

> I am new to python and thought it would be interesting to try to implement a 
> "radius" measure as a first taste to how igraph and python work together.  
> (I'm assuming "radius" [1] isn't already in igraph... at least I couldn't 
> find it)
You're right, radius is not in igraph yet.

> I have seen a lot of other emails regarding this error and that there has to 
> be a core.so file in the correct place.  Well, I can't find core.so no matter 
> where I look!  However, neither can I figure out how I should produce core.so.
core.so should be produced somewhere within the build/lib* subdirectories 
within the folder where you compiled igraph. Upon installation, it is 
theoretically copied along with the rest of the Python interface to its final 
place on the Python path (wherever it is), so its final place depends on where 
on the Python path the module is installed, but it must always be in the same 
directory where the __init__.py of igraph is copied. Please check whether you 
have a core.so in build/lib* where you built igraph and whether it is copied 
fine to the place where the rest of the Python interface is copied after 
running python setup.py install.


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