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Re: [igraph] Number of isolated nodes in the network

From: Claudia Muller-Birn
Subject: Re: [igraph] Number of isolated nodes in the network
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2010 11:55:45 -0400

Hi Jordi,

Thank you, this was very helpful :) I had exactly the same idea and a minute 
later your email arrived. Perfect timing.

Maybe this solution helps others as well, but be aware of loops! For example in 
my networks I had to simplify the graph first:

g <- simplify(g, remove.multiple = TRUE, remove.loops = TRUE)

Otherwise, loops are considered and therefore, the degree is higher than zero. 

Thanks again.

Have a great day.


On Aug 5, 2010, at 10:56 AM, jordi torrents wrote:

> Hi Claudia,
> 2010/8/5 Claudia Muller-Birn:
>> Dear all,
>> I might have a fairly simple question but I have difficulties to solve my 
>> problem this time.
>> I'd like to compute the number of isolates nodes in a network. [...]
> The function below gives you a vector with the ids of nodes with
> degree 0 (ie isolates):
> isolates <- function(g){
>  return(which(degree(g)==0)-1)
> }
> i <- isolates(g)
> length(i)
> Hope this helps.
> Salut!
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