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Re: [igraph] Error in read.graph.edgelist

From: Claudia Muller-Birn
Subject: Re: [igraph] Error in read.graph.edgelist
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2010 23:38:12 -0400

Hi Dave,

Well, it might be that I had the same problem. Did you check your file path? Try the complete path starting from /Users/USERNAME/Documents/...

This is especially important if you call R from outside the environment (which was my case).

Another solution was proposed on this list a little bit ago. What kind of edge list format do you use? 

You can import your data by using the following commands as well:

el <- matrix(scan(path), byrow=TRUE, ncol=3)  \\ as you can see, I used the ncol format that has the format "node node weight"
g <- graph.data.frame(as.data.frame(el))

Hope this helps!


On Aug 5, 2010, at 10:56 PM, David Huffaker wrote:

Hi there,

I'm getting an error when trying to load an edgelist into igraph.  At first I thought it might be my data, but when I tried with a sample edgelist in a tutorial, I get the same error:

> d <- read.graph("sample_edgelist.csv", format = "edgelist")

Error in read.graph.edgelist(file, ...) : 
  At rinterface.c:3705 : Cannot read edgelist, File operation error

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?  I'm using Mac and R 2.11.1


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