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Re: [igraph] two-mode network in igraph

From: Simone Gabbriellini
Subject: Re: [igraph] two-mode network in igraph
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 11:11:05 +0200


I've realized that I need to use graph.bipartite and not graph.incidence, 
because I have three time snapshot of the network so the position of nodes in 
the matrix changes...

I have a doubt regarding how to code the type element. I have a list of 

 [1] "thread2"  "thread3"  "thread6"  "thread7"  "thread8"  "thread9"  
 [8] "thread11" "thread12" "thread13" "thread14" "thread15" "thread16" 
[15] "thread18" "thread19" "thread20" "thread21" "thread22" "thread24" 
[22] "thread27" "thread28" "thread29" "thread30" "thread31" "thread33" 
[29] "thread36" "thread37" "thread38" "thread40" "thread41" "thread42" 
[36] "thread44" "thread45" "thread46" "thread47" "thread49" "thread50" 
[43] "thread54" "thread55" "thread56" "thread57" "thread58" "thread60" 
[50] "thread62" "thread63" "thread64" "thread65" "thread67" "thread68" 
[57] "thread71" "thread72" "thread73" "thread74" "thread75" "thread76" 
[64] "thread78" "thread80" "thread81" "thread82" "thread83" "thread84" 
[71] "thread86" "thread87"

 [1] "author1"  "author2"  "author3"  "author4"  "author5"  "author6"  
 [8] "author10" "author12" "author13" "author14" "author15" "author16" 
[15] "author19" "author22" "author23" "author24" "author25" "author27" 
[22] "author28" "author29" "author7"  "author30" "author37" "author8"  
[29] "author21" "author44" "author50" "author43" "author48" "author35" 
[36] "author56" "author58"

Should I convert it into a logical vector? Then my links are into a data.frame 
in the form:

         tid author_id
1    thread2   author1
2    thread2   author2
3    thread2   author3
4    thread2   author4
                ... ....

would that be ok to simply invoke as.vector() on it?

best regards,

Il giorno 23/set/2010, alle ore 12.21, Tamas Nepusz ha scritto:

>> thanks, that's it! As Tamas has said, I will then convert the network in a 
>> one-mode one
> Actually what I proposed is exactly what you can do with graph.incidence.
> -- 
> Tamas
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