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RE: [igraph] plotting problem with python

From: Glenn Fulford
Subject: RE: [igraph] plotting problem with python
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 15:50:08 +1000

Dear Tamas, 
thanks very much for your suggestions. I beleive I eventiually tracked down the 

I found the following web page very useful. 

First thing it told me was to append c:\Python26\Lib\site-packages\cairo to my 
path, which I hadn't done, but this didn't fix the problem. 

I then reinstalled the dll files, this time from  the wxpythion site. Thiat 
seemed to fix the problem. So not surre exactly which dll it was, but I can 
compare themn if anyone is interested. 


Dr Glenn Fulford  +61 7 313 85196 QUT Mathematical Sciences,
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From: address@hidden address@hidden On Behalf Of Tamas Nepusz address@hidden
Sent: Monday, 4 October 2010 8:39 PM
To: Help for igraph users
Subject: Re: [igraph] plotting problem with python

Dear Glenn,

It seems like the Python bindings of Cairo are not installed properly on
your machine -- igraph simply reports this when it says "plotting not

I checked a working installation on Windows XP (32-bit) and the
following files should be present in


The error message you see means that Python finds __init__.py in the
cairo subfolder successfully, and it tries to import _cairo.pyd from
there. (.pyd files are like ordinary .dll files, Python just uses a
different extension to distinguish them from .dlls). Unfortunately the
import can fail for at least two reasons:

1) _cairo.pyd itself is missing
2) _cairo.pyd is there, but one of its dependencies is missing.

Unfortunately, the error message is the same in both cases. So, I'd do
the following:

1. Check whether all the files I mentioned above are in the
site-packages\cairo folder. If not, install them.

2. If they are all there, download Dependency Walker from
www.dependencywalker.com and open _cairo.pyd with it. Dependency Walker
should recursively traverse the dependency tree of _cairo.pyd and report
any other DLLs that you are missing.


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