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[igraph] Multi-threading and igraph

From: Thomas Gorochowski
Subject: [igraph] Multi-threading and igraph
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 21:22:30 +0100

Hi there,

I am attempting to use OpenMP for some statistical sampling. When using igraph 
functions within a parallel block I have noticed errors occur such as the 

corrupt finally stack, popping 2 elements when only 1 left
Assertion failed: (no>=0), function IGRAPH_FINALLY_REAL, file error.c, line 126.
Abort trap

I'm assuming that igraph has not been written with multi-threading in mind, 
however, was wondering if there are any plans to make the library thread-safe 
in the near future? I'd ideally not like to fork processes as some data is 
required to be shared and passing that via messages is never much fun!

Thank for a great library and keep up the good work.

T.E. Gorochowski
University of Bristol, Centre for Complexity Sciences (BCCS)
http://www.chofski.co.uk, address@hidden

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