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[igraph] community.to.membership

From: Susan Biancani
Subject: [igraph] community.to.membership
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2010 21:54:15 -0800

I'd like to identify two communities in my graph, using the edge.betweenness.community algorithm.  But when I try to run community.to.membership, I'm getting an error I don't understand. 

eb <- edge.betweenness.community(G)
pos.comm <- community.to.membership(G, eb$merges, steps=(length(V(G)))-2)

> pos.comm <- community.to.membership(G, eb$merges, steps=(length(V(G)))-2)
Error in community.to.membership(G, eb$merges, steps = (length(V(G))) -  :
  At community.c:465 : `steps' to big or `merges' matrix too short, Invalid value

My graph has 500 nodes, and eb$merges has length of 808. I chose steps=length(V(G))-2 in order to end up with two clusters in the end.  When I try this on a smaller subset of this graph, containing 50 nodes, and a merge matrix of length 98, this code works. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thanks,

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