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[igraph] average path length in bipartite networks

From: Simone Gabbriellini
Subject: [igraph] average path length in bipartite networks
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2010 15:34:17 +0100

Hello List,

I am wondering how to apply some measure found in Latapy, Magnien e Del Vecchio 
"Basic notions for the enalysis of large two-mode networks", mainly those 
stated in paragraph 7.

Everything runs smooth unless the distance one. How to find the average 
distance between top nodes? and then the one in bottom nodes?

I tried shortest.path() but I cannot set as v= and to= the same set of nodes, 
because this is not allowed. 

I guess the problem is to find all the shortest paths that connects node of the 
same type with minimum lenght = 2, am I right?

any help more than welcome,


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